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Star Citizen Studio says No Issues due to Crytek Closures


Today, Crytek announced the closure of five of their seven studios, refocusing the company on “premium IPs” and CryEngine. Roberts Space Industries, the developers of Star Citizen, aren’t worried. They’re using a modified version of the CryEngine, but say the closures will not have an impact on their game.

The studio said they do not rely upon Crytek for anything at this point and the company’s focus is on the upcoming single player version of the game, the first part of which is titles Squadron 42.

Crytek, Makers of Crysis, in Crisis

Crytek, Makers of Crysis, in Crisis

Big news broke this weekend and it’s not okay. In a bit of déjà vu, Crytek is once again in a dire financial situation. (I won’t make the pun, the headline is enough). In 2014, Crytek was having trouble making payroll, with some employees working two months without pay.

The situation then was only solved by a reorganization and downsizing, saving the company from insolvency. The U.S. office (made up of former Vigil Games staff) was shuttered and the U.K office (formerly Free Radical Design) was sold to Deep Silver. The sale also included the rights to Homefront: The Revolution and the studio was renamed Dambuster Studios and continued their work on the game.

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