Kixeye Launches War Commander: Rogue Assault After Three Years of Development

Hardcore games on mobile may still live on after the Kabam buyout. Their oldest rival, Kixeye has finally launched what may be the best looking game on mobile devices now, War Commander: Rogue Assault. The game looks to offer a level of gameplay not yet achieved on smartphones and tablets.

To top this all off, the game’s creative director was none other than Louis Castle, the co-creator of Command & Conquer, meaning this game has some real pedigree behind it. The game has been in development for 3 years with 2 and a half years of soft launches to refine the experience.

“It’s been a long path and I’m really happy with the end result here,” Castle said. “It’s rare to see a game that looks more like the ads you see on television, when most mobile games don’t live up to the ads, leaving you dealing with slider bars and text instead of visual action. That’s the first thing that people are reacting to. It looks like a PC game from a couple of years ago.”

If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at the game, I have to recommend you to someone who does the game more justice that I ever could: VentureBeat’s/GameBeat’s Dean Takahashi.

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