Pokemon Go Players Have Walked.. A Lot


The end of 2016 marks the end of the first six months of Pokemon Go’s existence. To celebrate, Niantic is announcing some statistics on the game. The main stat of interest is that players have walked over 8.7 billion kilometers, enough to circle the globe 200,000 times.

Another state: 88 billion. That’s the number of wild Pokemon that have been caught. As much of the United States is entering colder months, it’d be a surprise to see these numbers continue to grow. To keep players interested, Niantic has boosted rural spawn rates and added baby Pokemon that can only be obtained by walking to hatch eggs.

I played a lot of Pokemon Go when it first launched, as did a lot of other people. Everywhere, physical activity levels were boosted, but not for long. A recent survey, as published on Health.com, in the first week of release, player’s daily step count went up by 955 steps. Throughout the next five weeks, this number dropped. On the sixth week, step counts returned to the same level as before the game’s launch.

The researched wrote “our results indicate that the health impact of Pokemon Go might be moderate. Even if smaller amounts of physical activity might also be important for health outcomes, the increase in steps from Pokemon Go, as with many physical activity interventions, was not sustained over time.”

Maybe with a full release of Generation Two Pokemon, there would be another health boost, even if short-lived.

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